Microsoft Outlines New Security Strategy

By | October 7, 2005

Microsoft’s executives, CEO Steve Ballmer and security VP Mike Nash, introduced a product road map for providing security solutions for its customers and a supporting alliance that includes major security software companies.

As part of the new security strategy, the company will offer Microsoft Client Protection, a new enterprise-class subscription solution to help IT managers protect business desktops, laptops and servers from the emerging spyware, viruses and other type of malware threats.

“At Microsoft, we´re investing heavily in security because we want customers to be able to trust their computing experiences, so they can realize the full benefits of the interconnected world we live in,” said Ballmer.

“With the continuing onslaught of malware, viruses, phishing attacks and other kinds of Internet fraud, creating a more secure computing environment requires a concerted, long-term effort on the part of all technology companies, as well as customers and governments.”

In addition, Microsoft announced the creation of the SecureIT Alliance, a group of 28 leading security vendors that includes Trend Micro, McAfree, RSA Security, Symantec, Computer Associates and Citrix.

The participating partners will be able to work closer with Microsoft, integrate their security solutions with Microsoft’s platform and help developing additional security solutions for customers.

“At Microsoft, we believe customers have the right to know what software is running on their machine, how it got there, its purpose and how to remove it if necessary. To help our customers combat the evolving threats and to have those rights protected, we are taking a holistic approach to security that includes developing new technology, partnering with the industry, and keeping customers as educated as possible about how to stay ahead of the latest threats facing them,” said Nash, Vice President of the Security Technology Unit.

The new solution is still in development and will be beta tested by selected customers later this year. Further more; Microsoft plans to release a new anti-virus and anti-spam product next year based on Sybari acquisition earlier this year.

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