Microsoft Launched Anti-Spam Tools

By | May 27, 2005

The software giant Microsoft has launched tools and services to help ISPs fight spam and phishing. These new services complement ongoing industry efforts supported by Microsoft to help protect MSN Hotmail customers as well as the overall e-mail community from online security threats such as spam, phishing and viruses.

MSN Postmaster is an anti-spam web site dedicated to help Internet Service Providers and e-mail service providers understand issues and solutions concerning emails. The web-site offers a comprehensive online resource on protecting from junk e-mails, troubleshooting etc.

As part of MSN Postmaster, Microsoft is also introducing a preview release of Smart Network Data Services in English. With the new service, ISPs will be able to contribute to the fight against spam and protect e-mail as a valued communications tool.

“MSN Postmaster and Smart Data Network Services represent a move by Microsoft toward broader, more-comprehensive and transparent information-sharing with ISPs and e-mail senders to help protect e-mail and ensure that it continues to be an essential and valuable communications tool,” said Kevin Doerr, product unit manager for MSN Hotmail at Microsoft.

“With over 200 million active e-mail accounts worldwide, MSN Hotmail is in a unique position to collect and analyze e-mail activity data. Working together, MSN Hotmail and service providers can make their customers happier and more satisfied with the services we all provide.”

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