Microsoft Issues Security Updates

By | June 15, 2005

Microsoft Corporation has released three critical security updates to repair a vast range of vulnerabilities in Windows and its browser Internet Explorer. The critical updates are part of the company monthly update report.

In its monthly security update, Microsoft said the three critical patches should be applied immediately to protect the users against newly discovered attacks.

Mitchell Ashley, CTO and VP of Customer Experience at StillSecure has commented for IT-Observer regarding Microsoft latest security update announcements:

“This Patch Tuesday has been a busy one. As a security provider, we haven’t seen anything that wasn’t anticipated but have been surprised by the variety of applications that are affected by this month’s advisory. This means more testing on more software which is going to require more work for security professionals. The first step is for organizations to conduct an impact assessment of the affected devices. Tools like StillSecure’s VAM can help assess an organization’s susceptibility to these vulnerabilities.”

“Microsoft Patch Tuesday is proving to be a more manageable process for patching Microsoft’s vulnerabilities. IT staff can now prepare for the announcements and deploy patches based on criticality and their threat to each organization’s network. For example, many organizations will want to update desktops first because the Internet Explorer vulnerability leave potential for worms to exploit the system. Similarly, many organizations will plan for the testing and downtime that is required to patch many ISA, Exchange and Windows servers, and deploy these patches after maintenance periods.”

“It’s important to quickly update security products with the latest vulnerabilities and patch information. StillSecure’s customers rely on the fact that our Security Alert Team constantly monitors for latest threats and updates our products so they are protected against the latest Microsoft vulnerabilities and any others that are announced.”

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