Microsoft exec warns of rootkits

By | April 11, 2006

If your system gets infiltrated by a rootkit, you might as well just waste the system entirely, a Microsoft official told fellow security professionals last week at the annual InfoSec Conference here. Microsoft´s Mike Danseglio, program manager in the company´s security solutions group, was among a host of security experts from big-name companies who swapped advice about protecting networks with 1,700 showgoers.

According to Danseglio, the hacker rootkit is “probably the nastiest piece of malware you´ll get,” because it is designed to hide unwanted files – or any sign a computer has been compromised – stealthily.

Microsoft dedicates four staffers to analyze rootkit samples found in customer computers or on the Internet. In his presentation, Danseglio offered a list of the most-wanted rootkits (see graphic), adding that 90% of what Microsoft finds relates to Hacker Defender, a rootkit from the Czech Republic-based programmer who calls himself Holy Father. The programmer charges several hundred dollars to make Gold versions of his basic rootkit.Read Full Story

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