Microsoft Betas OneCare Security

By | December 2, 2005

The assumption the Microsoft will offer its online consumer security suite in compatibility with the rest of the anti-virus industry has been exploded as the public trial is competing directly with the two biggest anti-virus solutions: Symantec and McAfee.

The Windows OneCare beta is an add-on service for Windows XP that runs in the background to offer full-time protection against network threats. It provides services such as PC health, firewall and backup.

The core of OneCare was partly developed through technologies acquired from the Romanian security firm GeCAD. As with other industry products, OneCare uses both signature and heuristic or behavioral approaches for identifying malicious code.

The beta version is free, but Microsoft said it is planning to charge for the finished service, including access to software updates. Yet, Microsoft gave no indication of when the final version will be available.

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