Meru Networks Launches Meru Wireless Backbone System(tm) To Enable The All-Wireless Enterprise

By | September 29, 2006

Meru Networks, the global innovation leader in wireless infrastructure for the All-Wireless Enterprise, today announced European availability of the Meru Wireless Backbone System, which enables IT organisations to deploy a completely wireless LAN infrastructure, from client access to the network core.

The Meru Wireless Backbone System is the first wireless solution in the industry to address the emerging All-Wireless Enterprise, evidenced by a growing need amongst enterprises of all types including universities, schools, hospitals, utilities, manufacturers and government departments, to deploy wireless as a primary infrastructure.

“Enterprises are beginning to take their wireless networking to the next level, recognising the productivity and cost benefits they can achieve by unwiring more of their users and offices,” said Richard Webb, Directing Analyst, Wireless Broadband and Mobile for Infonetics Research. “Meru is addressing this trend with a solution that allows enterprises to move towards deploying all-wireless environments.”

Similar to wired Ethernet networks, which use a hierarchical internetworking design model consisting of access layer switches, distribution layer router-switches and a core layer – all connected with wires – the Meru Wireless Backbone System, with its AirChannel(tm) Backbone Links, lets IT organisations build a reliable, scalable hierarchical network comprised of an all-wireless access layer and a high performance, all-wireless distribution layer, all connected over a wireless backbone. Using Meru´s patented Air Traffic Control technology and its pioneering innovations in over-the-air QoS, security and Virtual Cell technology, the Meru Wireless Backbone System delivers all of the capabilities traditionally associated with wired networking solutions.

Key benefits are:

* Reduces the costs associated with building out the enterprise

LAN by more than 70%. By un-tethering access points and delivering a wireless access and distribution layer, the system reduces high costs associated with wiring new data and voice ports. It also eliminates the need for rewiring if access points are moved or added.

* Support for business-critical voice and data applications over a

completely wireless LAN. Extends Meru´s unique Air Traffic Control technology to the entire wireless LAN – allowing customers to deploy business-critical voice and data applications over wireless, pervasively and reliably, with full QoS capabilities.

* Plug-and-play with the industry´s leading wired networking

infrastructure products. Extends existing wired networks and enables cost-effective, high performance wireless overlay to installed wired networks.

* Gives IT a cost-effective alternative for hard-to-wire

locations. IT organisations can now deliver network access in locations previously too difficult or cost-prohibitive to wire.

* Provides QOS over the wireless backbone. A guarantee quality of

service for clients, as well as services, regardless of geographical location in the network. Every wireless device obtains access to the network as provisioned by the administrator.

* Provides highly-secure, fast backbone links. AES-encrypted

wireless connections secure the wireless network links. Hardware encryption ensures fast and scalable access and, with AES, ensures no intruder is able to eavesdrop on the wireless link.

* Improves bandwidth utilisation on the wireless backbone.

Incorporates full-duplex technology with dynamic link optimisation and rate-adaptation. These unique AirChannel Backbone Links significantly improve over-the-air performance on the wireless backbone.

* Future Proof Architecture As wireless standards and technologies

evolve, the Meru Wireless Backbone System architecture protects enterprises´ investments and further increases capacity by seamlessly incorporating new and emerging standards such as 802.11n.

“The Meru Wireless Backbone System addresses all of the issues that previously hindered the adoption of the all-wireless enterprise; scalability, reliability, security, quality of service and cost. We believe that there are huge opportunities for such a system, particularly in the academic and healthcare sectors. We´re very excited about this significant addition to our portfolio and are confident that it will be well received by our resellers,” said David Thompson, Managing Director at SiraCom, one of Meru´s channel distribution partners.

“As enterprises continue to experience the clear cost and productivity benefits of an increasingly mobile workforce, and adopt a wide array of mobile devices, mobile applications, and IP telephony solutions, they are deploying wireless for business-critical applications, rather than simply for convenience,” said Mikko Kiukkanen, director of business development and sales, Western Europe, Meru Networks. “This growing trend mandates that the wireless network infrastructure deliver the same levels of quality, reliability and predictability as wired networks.”

The new Meru Wireless Backbone System consists of:

* Meru Access Point 150-WB (AP 150-WB): Dual-radio wireless access

point with backbone link and access designed for value-conscious users with enterprise-class data and casual voice services.

* Meru Access Point 208-WB (AP 208-WB): Dual-radio wireless access

point with backbone link and access designed for premium users requiring

the highest density, unsurpassed VoIP and data performance.

* Meru Radio Switch 4000-WB (RS 4000 WB): Multi-AP distribution

core that is also configurable for high-performance, high-density wireless VoIP and data.

* Meru Wireless Backbone Software application for the Meru line of

MC Controllers

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