Maxtor’s Broad Line of Enterprise Drives Power Promise’s Serial Attached SCSI JBOD System

By | March 9, 2006

Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) and Promise Technology announced today that Maxtor® Atlas® Serial Attached SCS (SAS) and MaXLine® Serial ATA hard drives are qualified with the Promise VTrak J300s JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) system, combining to provide customers with ultimate flexibility and choice for their application needs The companies have also completed compatibility testing of the Promise SuperTrak EX8300 and EX8350 Serial ATA (SATA) 3 Gb/s RAID 6 controllers with the Maxtor MaXLine family of enterprise SATA hard drives, enabling system integrators and resellers to develop SATA-based storage systems for high-capacity, cost-effective storage for data protection and reference data applications.

The Promise VTrak J300s is a cost-effective, 2U-high JBOD storage system, supporting up to 12 3.5-inch form factor high-performance Maxtor Atlas SAS drives, high-capacity MaXLine SATA drives or a combination of both. With the Promise VTrak J300s customers can install Atlas 15K II drives for random I/O applications such as OLTP, ERP/CRM and video on demand, which require the fast performance. For capacity hungry applications such as disk-to-disk backup or reference storage, customers can install MaXLine Pro 500 drives into the Promise system for a capacity up to 6TB. Systems for applications requiring a balance of performance and capacity can be populated with the Atlas 10K V drives. The VTrak J300s system also can be populated with a combination of Atlas SAS and MaXLine SATA drives, enabling tiered storage in a box, while delivering flexibility, advanced data protection features, redundant components and high-speed bandwidth to help ensure maximum data storage reliability.

“Enterprise IT professionals demand powerful storage solutions for high-bandwidth and high I/O applications. Promise, in our leadership role in the development of standards-based building blocks, is working with Maxtor to create such solutions; Maxtor’s SAS and SATA drives teamed with our JBOD create powerful solutions for high-bandwidth and high-I/O applications,” said Suresh Panikar, vice president of WW channel sales and marketing at Promise Technology, Inc. “SAS technology is the key enabler, delivering flexible storage to meet a wide range of business needs.”

Promise controllers teamed with Maxtor SATA hard drives help developers create a high-capacity storage system with advanced RAID features for greater data protection and management.

“Maxtor and Promise continue to work closely together to test and qualify complementary products such as hard drives, host bus adapters and storage systems,” said Brendan Collins, vice president of enterprise products marketing at Maxtor. “This helps enable seamless support and interoperability with Maxtor’s broad line of enterprise hard drives, helping system developers bring their solutions to market in a timely manner.”

Maxtor’s family of enterprise hard drives includes the Atlas 15K and 10K RPM SAS drives with capacities up to 300GB and the MaXLine 7,200 RPM enterprise SATA drives with capacities up to 500GB. Maxtor Atlas SAS and MaXLine SATA drives are currently shipping and available at Maxtor distributors worldwide.

Promise’s external storage systems and SATA RAID controllers are currently available through the worldwide Promise distribution network.

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