Many wi-fi spots vulnerable to hackers

By | May 29, 2006

Computer security specialist Cory Michal needs only five minutes, using store-bought technology, to access credit card information from a downtown Milwaukee restaurant. Michal, who is co-founder of Exceed Security Systems, an Appleton company with a Milwaukee office, used about $1,000 worth of gear to tap into financial data transmitted over wi-fi systems.

Driving a random two-mile-square area in downtown Milwaukee with a Business Journal reporter, Michal recently found at least 590 wireless access points, which allow users to connect to the Internet without using a land line. Of those, 40 percent were secure. The others are vulnerable to security breaches.

The lack of security in wireless systems is a concern not only to customers and clients who utilize the systems and risk identity theft. It´s also an issue for business owners who have left their wireless access unsecured and could face negligence lawsuits if customer and client information is stolen.Read Full Story

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