Managing a Honeypot

By | October 17, 2006

It´s no secret that many intruders choose their victims by scanning large chunks of addresses and searching for services vulnerable to existing tools and exploits. This can be an effective approach, although there are still some problems for intruders. People employed in IT security must trace bug trackers and the appearance of new exploits. Even open source code cannot guarantee that the good guys will find vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

However, the good guys have another tool–a honeypot. This is a system designed in such a way that an unsophisticated hacker will want to crack it immediately–like fake diamonds in a glass case in a jewelry shop. First, a quick story. A famous and rich man bought a super safe made of ferro-alloy. He boasted to everyone about his safe and claimed that nobody could crack it.

After about a week of this, burglars came in the night and spent two hours cracking the safe with strong acid and explosives. When they opened the safe, they found nothing; the valuables were elsewhere and the burglars were caught.Read Full Story

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