Make the Most of Your AirPort Network

A wireless network, especially one set up with an Apple AirPort Base Station, combined with broadband Internet access is a surefire recipe for computer joy. For starters, there is the obvious benefit of the speedy 24/7 online access. If you have more than one Mac in your home, perhaps you have discovered the added joy of sharing data among your connected Macs, such as via iTunes Music Sharing or even via the Finder.

But all of that just scratches the surface of what you can do. Ignoring these features is a bit like ordering cable TV and never straying from the network stations available over-the-air. You´re getting some benefit, but there´s so much more you could be getting.

That´s the focus of this article. It´s an exploration of the lesser known features of Apple´s AirPort Base Stations (Extreme and/or Express) and their wireless networks. It´s also about the primary tool you´ll need to access most of these features: Apple´s AirPort Admin Utility (located in the /Applications/Utilities folder).Read Full Story

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