Mac Tiger Server Little Black Book

By | February 21, 2006

As more and more computer users move over to the Mac, networks that connect up Macs (and even Macs and PCs) are growing rapidly. Apple´s powerful and flexible Tiger Server, Apple´s latest version of their Mac server software, has become the networking software of choice for Mac network administrators around the world. Paraglyph´s new “Mac Tiger Server Little Black Book” (U.S. $34.99,420 pp, ISBN 1-933097-14-0) shows network administrators and Mac users how to quickly get the most out of Mac networking with Tiger Server. Written by Charles Edge, a noted Mac networking expert, the book provides hundreds of tips and techniques for setting up, running, fine tuning, and maintaining a well designed network.

“Mac Tiger Server Little Black Book” is designed to be the essential guide for all Mac users and system administrators who want to get the most out of Mac networking with Tiger Server. It provides detailed tips and techniques on installing and maintaining Apple´s Mac Tiger Server software for optimum performance. This invaluable resource also features troubleshooting tips to help users avoid network problems. Numerous time-saving tips are provided to help web server administrators save time and reduce aggravation. Expert techniques are presented for planning and installing Tiger Server, using management utilities, working with Directory and Windows Services, sharing files, setting up network and printing services as well as web and mail severs, setting up and managing VPNs, and much more. Each chapter also provides helpful “From the Trenches” advice that can save anyone working with Tiger Server from making costly mistakes.

Keith Weiskamp, President of Paraglyph Press, says: “This book is certainly a goldmine of insider knowledge about how Tiger Server operates and how reliable networks can be setup with Apple´s powerful server software. Information like this is difficult to find and Charles Edge really knows how to make Mac networks operate as they should.”

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