Logicalis and Silicon Plains announce strategic alliance to help customers align existing ICT systems and data with business processes and people

By | May 24, 2006

Logicalis has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Premier IBM Business Partner, Silicon Plains, to provide its customers in the Insurance, Banking and Government sectors with an accelerated approach to greater business agility. This will be achieved through the implementation of Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

Logicalis is already recognized as a leader in ICT consolidation and virtualization, and this simplification of IT is a necessary step towards a more agile business. However, for companies to fully exploit their ICT investments, these must be aligned with everyday business processes and people´s working practices. Logicalis has already helped many customers to integrate applications and bring together important business data. This alliance with Silicon Plains will make it possible to deliver these results earlier and make project activities less IT intensive. Now, the typical payback period will be under 12 months.

The partnership will involve Silicon Plains working with Logicalis´

Application Integration Practice to adopt a new technique that enables a practical Service Orientated Architecture to be deployed in months rather than years. This will result in productivity gains, increased customer services and competitive advantage improvements. The technique comprises of Silicon Plains DotSphere, industry specific process templates (for example InsureSphere), IBM Content Manager and IBM WebSphere Process Server.

As an example, for the insurance industry, the partnership will enable companies to continuously improve core underwriting, claims and customer service processes to sustain profitable growth. This is because it will enable users to select a good practice process template for claims processing, configure a single screen for each person (role) involved in that process, and then hook this into existing systems and data.

DotSphere will make this all feasible in only weeks.

In addition, Logicalis and Silicon Plains are working together to evolve a set of process templates for Local Government. The resulting ´Solution Accelerator´ will be launched as Gov.Sphere during 2006 and will meet UK regulatory requirements and best practice standards. Gov.Sphere is expected to enable councils and boroughs to implement enterprise-level BPM extremely rapidly, within a three to six month time-frame.

Steven Shepherd, solution sales manager at Logicalis Computing Solutions, said, “Market leading companies not only use IT for cost saving, they also exploit its potential to do things that their competition is unable to match. IT is a competitive weapon that can transform the profitability of a business by automating and simplifying core business processes. We have seen how this is being realized by large financial institutions using the DotSphere accelerator and, as the sole UK partner for Silicon Plains, we are keen to share this method and toolkit with UK companies.”

Sunil Savara, chairman of Silicon Plains, added, “Many organizations want to develop more agile and effective IT systems to provide them with lower transactional costs and competitive advantage. The challenge is to improve business user experience and convenience within a 12 month period. Silicon Plains and DotSphere are providing Logicalis with a proven answer, by enabling template processes to be quickly configured and field tested without the need for protracted IT development work. As a result the proposition is generating great interest.”

Tim Robertson, Manager of CM Sales for UK, Ireland and South Africa at IBM Software Group, emphasized, “We are delighted to see two of our leading business partners get together to deliver real value to customers. Logicalis has been building a reputation as one of the UK´s most innovative and skilled integrators using IBM and other complementary software. Silicon Plains is recognised for its expertise in BPM, ECM and revolutionary DotSphere software. The combination of Logicalis´ breadth and local expertise with Silicon Plains´ specialist BPM skills and tools makes for a powerful business transformation proposition.”

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