LINX Scores a Hat Trick with Redbus Interhouse giving ISPs an even greater choice of locations for peering

By | February 21, 2006

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) today announces that its new connection point at Redbus Interhouse’s Meridian Gate has now gone live. LINX now has facilities in each of Redbus Interhouse’s London datacentres, broadening the choice for ISPs as to where they make their important peering connection in London.

LINX connects the networks of Content Delivery and Internet Service Providers so that traffic may flow more efficiently between them. The company is one of the largest Exchange Points globally, measured both in terms of the traffic that passes over its network and the Internet routes which are directly accessible from its peering LAN

Meridian Gate provides LINX and its members with the very latest world-class resilient infrastructure with multiple levels of 24/7 security and stable high-capacity power supplies. In addition, there is a first class fire protection system, in-house support and environmental controls.

John Souter, Chief Executive Officer, LINX, comments: “In 2005 more new members joined LINX than in any previous year. Partly as a result of this, the amount of traffic that we carried grew significantly, and both these points indicate that a significant recovery is happening in the ´Internet economy´. The connection point at Meridian Gate will provide an increased level of choice and service to both new and existing members. Ultimately,everyone benefits – including individual Internet users from a thriving Internet exchange such as LINX.”

Mike Tobin, CEO, Redbus Interhouse said: “We view LINX´s decision as a great vote of confidence in our services and facilities and we look forward to continuing to support the organisation to deliver its offering to its members, who are also our customers. Now with LINX´s presence in all three of our London sites we see enormous value in strengthening our relationship with them and this reinforces our position as leading colocation providers, enhancing the service we provide our customers.”

Customer comments:

Meridian Gate takes the number of sites at which LINX has peering facilities to seven, all of them in London. LINX operates two separate, but parallel, networks linking all these sites, ensuring peace of mind and high security for its members.

“Within this first week of live connection we’ve been able set up over 40 peering relationships. WFCS is committed to increasing its network outreach and has been very impressed by the service that both LINX and Redbus Interhouse have provided us,” comments Paul Sillars, Managing Director, Wyre Forest Computer Solutions Ltd.

Rob Golding, Managing Director, Othello Technology Systems Ltd said, “LINX has already enabled us to forge peering relationships with over 100 other members. Being part of LINX allows us not only to improve network interconnections and redundancy, but provides the opportunity to take an active part in the essential working groups and forums deciding the future of the UK internet.”

“Joining LINX enables us to further develop our network thus improving the service we offer to our 3,500 customers, and the opening of the LINX PoP in Redbus Interhouse’s Meridian Gate has made this far easier for us to accomplish,” commented David Buckle,

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