lhs launches web-based application for customer self-service

By | February 8, 2006

LHS, a leading provider of telecommunications and billing software, today announced that it is launching Selfcare Center (SX), a new web-based application for customer self-service, at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. Selfcare Center allows operators to provide their customers with instant access and control over their mobile phone accounts.

Selfcare Center is a fully convergent customer self-care application that allows customers to view and change their personal data online. With Selfcare Center customers can now buy services and products online instead of via telephone or letter, or even having to go to a shop. As well as signing up to new services, customers can also sign contracts and view and downloads mobile phone bills in PDF format. Selfcare Center allows communication service providers to empower their customers and strengthen customer relationships.

LHS’ Selfcare Center serves as another communication channel to customers for the operator to market and sell more new services and products, thus generating more revenue. It provides a new sales channel for new business models such as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), allowing for the self-registration of customers without interaction with a customer service representative. LHS’ Selfcare Center also helps decrease operational expenses, such as the cost of maintaining a call center as the volume of calls becomes much less.

In addition to Selfcare Center, LHS is also launching Smart Product Center (PX). Smart Product Center is a Web-based application that allows a communication service provider to quickly and easily introducing new tariffs and products to the end-user.

The new technology enables marketing, rather than technical staff, to quickly and easily modify new services, products and pricing according to demand. For operators this dramatically reduces the time to market and contributes to cutting operational expenses by involving fewer people saving both time and effort.

Jens Trцtscher, Chief Technology Officer, LHS comments: “We are pleased to launch two new Web-applications that will combine the increasingly popularity of Internet communications with time saving efficiency to produce stronger customer relationships and lower operational costs.”

Both SX Selfcare Center and Smart PX Product Center are product options for LHS’ BSCS iX and iX Series billing software.

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