Leading Security Solution Providers Integrate PatchLink’s Remediation Capabilities to Enhance Customer Protection

By | May 5, 2006

PatchLink Corporation, the leading enterprise security patch and vulnerability management solutions provider, has announced the expansion of its Technology Partner Program worldwide with the addition of five new partners to a growing list that currently includes eEye Digital Security, Symantec, Preventsys, Vernier, Forescout, Qualys, Internet Security Systems, Cambia Security, and Persystent Technologies, among others. The program takes a best-of-breed approach to seamlessly integrate complementary technologies that enable customers to efficiently and effectively manage the entire security lifecycle.

With the continued growth in business reliance on the Internet combined with an increasing number of security threats, IT administrators are burdened with managing multiple products and consoles and analyzing data in a variety of formats. In addition, corporate and personal liability is skyrocketing as businesses are faced with stringent regulations such as HIPAA, FISMA, and Sarbanes Oxley. Protecting the enterprise network from emerging threats and maintaining regulatory compliance without an automated solution have become cost prohibitive for virtually every business. The PatchLink Technology Partner Program enables security vendors to offer their customers the benefits of advanced patch, vulnerability, and compliance management solutions as an integral part of their products and service offerings.

eEye, the leading developer of endpoint security and vulnerability management software solutions and the industry´s foremost contributor to security research, is among the industry´s leading vendors joining the PatchLink Technology Partner Program. eEye and PatchLink are currently developing an integrated single management interface for network discovery, vulnerability auditing, automated remediation and compliancy reporting for the enterprise.

“PatchLink´s market leadership and expertise in developing a high quality patch management product combined with eEye´s leading-edge vulnerability management solution represent a winning combination for both our customers and partners,” said Ross Brown, COO, eEye Digital Security. “The combined capabilities of our products will ensure that all systems within the network are patched and compliant with corporate standards.”

The PatchLink Technology Partner Program streamlines product integration with technology solution providers by offering a clear process that covers all aspects of the partnership. Integration is enabled through developer support including comprehensive integration tools, well-documented APIs, and access to engineers and online developer resources for up-to-date information about PatchLink. A comprehensive verification process ensures tested and trusted interoperability while collaborative sales and marketing leverages the combined strengths of the partnership.

As part of an ongoing effort to create a world-class partner ecosystem, PatchLink´s strategy is to partner with key security and network management providers to facilitate comprehensive security solutions for mutual customers. The areas of focus for technology partners include: Security Information and Event Management; Security Policy Management; Compliance Management; Vulnerability and Risk Assessment; Endpoint Security; Configuration Management; Network Management

“We turned to PatchLink as the best-of-breed provider to help our customers bridge the gap between IT Security and IT Operations. Together, we provide an automated way to quickly prioritize IT security risks and deploy patches to automate the remediation process across the enterprise,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of Preventsys.

“Leading technology vendors are choosing PatchLink for its award winning patch and vulnerability solution to build out their integrated security suites,” said Suzanne Swanson, senior vice president of business development. “PatchLink is committed to working with partners to make patch management an essential piece of their infrastructure that can seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate with their products. The program also enables us to offer our solutions more broadly to customers worldwide.”

Currently securing millions of computers worldwide, PatchLink also provides ongoing education to its customers and the industry about the well-defined systematic processes that must be established and combined with technology for truly effective patch management.

Developed in 1996, PatchLink was the first commercially available patch management solution and has maintained its competitive advantage by continually leading the market in innovating product features sets and functionality. PatchLink maintains the world´s largest repository of thoroughly tested patches and mis-configuration updates, the most accurate patch detection agent and an extensible solution to address home-grown software and zero-day threats.

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