Leading presentation compression software now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to reduce the strain on email servers

By | March 20, 2006

Neuxpower Solutions has released NXPowerLite 2.2, an updated version of the leading presentation compression tool. With NXPowerLite 2.2, Microsoft® Outlook® users can automatically compress any presentation that they attach to an email, before sending it to the recipient. In large organisations this can significantly reduce storage and bandwidth costs, free up space in users´ mailboxes, accelerate the transfer of large presentations and reduce the chances of oversized emails being rejected.

NXPowerLite reduces the size of Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations (as well as StarOffice® and OpenOffice.org presentations saved in the PowerPoint format) by compressing the graphics and embedded documents contained within them, making them easier to manage, distribute and use. It can reduce the size of presentation files by as much as 95% with no discernible loss of quality. Compressed presentations retain the PowerPoint® format and remain fully editable by anybody with a copy of PowerPoint®. The recipient requires no special viewers or plug-ins.

Whenever a user tries to send a .ppt email attachment, Outlook® will ask whether they wish to compress it. NXPowerLite can also be configured to automatically compress all presentations before sending, with no user intervention required.

Mike Power, Neuxpower´s Managing Director, comments: “NXPowerLite 2.2 will help organisations to drastically reduce their storage and bandwidth costs, IT support overheads and employee frustrations, all in a manner that is virtually invisible to the user.”

NXPowerLite 2.2 also sees the launch of the software in Spanish and Japanese, bringing the total number of languages supported to six. Software distributor OceanBridge Inc will exclusively represent NXPowerLite in Japan. Noriaki Takayama, OceanBridge President and CEO, comments: “OceanBridge is very excited to introduce NXPowerLite to the Japanese market. I am just one of the heavy PowerPoint® users who has been waiting for this kind of solution and I´m quite sure it will be welcomed by businesses all over Japan”

NXPowerLite 2.2 is available to purchase for $45.50USD through leading software resellers or from www.nxpowerlite.com, attractive discounts are available for bulk licenses. A fully functional evaluation version of NXPowerLite is available to download from the website.

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