Layered Encryption, an Absolute Necessity

By | June 16, 2006

Our concerns about data privacy have evolved beyond the theoretical. AT&T´s sale of Internet traffic to the NSA, the Veteran´s Administration´s loss of 26.5 Million identities, and the hacking theft of 1500 identities along with clearance codes from the Department of Energy´s Nuclear Security Administration all scream that mundane practices don´t even come close to averting privacy risks today.

When it comes it to electronic communications be it Internet, Extranet (Partner Connections), or even Intranet and local network communications, all clear (un-encrypted) communications should be considered compromised. It is a best practice to put means and motive exercises aside and just plain consider any un-encrypted communications as compromised.

What do I mean by compromised? Compromised means that someone other than the intended recipient or recipients has access to or control over one or both sides of the information sent in the communication.Read Full Story

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