Latency, Packet Loss and Encryption using DES with a VPN

By | August 16, 2005

Security is at the top of the list in today’s world concerns. The need for encryption is extremely vital in the business place. We start talking about the need for encryption, 128, 192, 256 and higher bit encryption methods. Does this affect the transmission rates of file transfer enough to warrant the use of higher bit encryption on semi-secure documents?

I am conducting an experiment to show what, if any, the latency is when dealing with the higher end encryption methods. I used a variable of no encryption to benchmark the time and speed then used DES encryption with the VPN and finally 3DES. This field experiment will prove if there is latency when dealing with the higher encryptions. I feel this test will prove there is latency with this.

The equipment being used in this test is as follows. I will be using three computers. Two of the computers are running Windows XP, the other is running Windows 2000 Pro. This was the luck of the draw. My computer, my dad’s computer and Dana’s, a friend of mine, were already all running this particular operating system. We all use broadband as an Internet connection.

Download the paper in PDF format here

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