Lancope Debuts new version of StealthWatch System

By | August 22, 2006

Lancope has announced the availability of StealthWatch System 5.5, which includes Router/Switch Monitoring & Reporting, User Identity Tracking, Point-Of-View Technology and the new StealthWatch IDentity-1000 appliance, the first solution to tie network traffic and host behavior directly to user identity.

As the leading flow-based solution that delivers cost effective end-to-end network visibility, StealthWatch System 5.5 now enables network engineers and planners to easily streamline security and network operations process, reduce the time and resources allocated to identifying and remediating network events, and eliminate the cost and complexity associated with non-integrated point solutions.

With StealthWatch System 5.5, Lancope also introduces the StealthWatch IDentity-1000 appliance. By automating user identity tracking and tying network events with the actual end user, StealthWatch IDentity-1000 streamlines quarantine and remediation efforts and delivers powerful auditing capabilities for regulatory compliance.

Providing deeper and richer intelligence about the operations of the network infrastructure to facilitate decision support analysis, StealthWatch System 5.5 delivers several new capabilities and features:

Router/Switch Monitoring & Reporting leverages NetFlow and sFlow flow data from Cisco®, Foundry®, Extreme®, Juniper® and HP® ProCurve™ routers and switches to provide a unified flow-analysis system that combines behavior-based anomaly detection with a traffic reporting and network optimization views. These network performance and optimization reporting capabilities support the needs of enterprise network operations.

User Identity Tracking capability via StealthWatch IDentity-1000 ties network flow data, alarms, alerts and host behaviors directly to the individual responsible for the activity. User tracking overcomes troublesome environments such as DHCP and VPN address pools by associating user login and logout events with hosts using the network. At the click of a mouse, StealthWatch operators can quickly reveal which user is logged into a node connected to the network or enter a login ID to view network activity associated with a given user.

Point-Of-View™ UI Technology enables customized views, delegated operation and reporting of security, traffic accounting, interface utilization and host or user behavior, uniquely extending the value of StealthWatch’s network and security operational intelligence to all IT groups. This role-based technology enables caters to the specific operational needs of IT personnel from a central, real-time database of network and security operational information.

StealthWatch IDentity-1000 is now shipping with an introductory 90-day pricing starting at $19,795 for coverage up to 200 authentication servers.

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