Lack of Confidence in IT Security Industry

By | June 3, 2005

IT Security industry needs to convince citizens of its trustworthiness and the robustness of their products if it works to win a slice of the project associated with the introduction of ID cards.

A recent research, published by Glasshouse Partnership, reveals that there is a lack of confidence in the ability to manage data security. The introduction of ID cards will require substantial communication efforts to move public opinion and IT players need to convince customers that they are trustworthy.

The research shows that only 8% of people believe the national ID register will be completely safe, 23% say they trust the government not to misuse their personal details, 5% of UK citizens would trust private company to manage national ID register and 68% believes national ID will defeat related ID fraud issues.

“Companies who hope to benefit financially from the introduction of the ID card will need to show accountability and trustworthiness as well as demonstrate the reliability of their offering if the scheme gets the go-ahead,´ says James Thellusson, Glasshouse Partnership.

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