Kristanix Software Released Password Generator Professional 2006

By | August 31, 2006

Kristanix Software has announced the release of Password Generator Professional 2006. System administrators, webmasters, software developers and all those, who need to strengthen their information security, can make good use of the program. It creates secure and flexible passwords.

To get a password, you need to set the length and number of passwords you need, then click on a yellow padlock icon, which gets the process started (It is worth of note, that all such icons and the entire interface of the program are a substantial portion of eye-candy). Apart from that, the program features an advanced set of options, in which you can preset various properties of a newly-generated password. Here, you can specify global options, such as password type, quantity, minimum length, maximum length, format and configure options in three character sets: standard, pronounceable and custom.

Password Generator Professional 2006 is a major step forward in password generating and this is said not for the sake of fine words. Let us have a detailed look at the main features of the program. First of all, this password generator contains flexible masking patterns, which allows you to use masked mode to fine tune your results. Secondly, passwords reliability is ensured by the password generation algorithm, which creates high quality random numbers using a twisted generalized shift feedback register. Thirdly, the program allows you to make command line batch files (there are several output methods you can choose from). Another useful feature provides for saving files to many formats: TXT, XML, HTML, CSV and Microsoft Excel. Besides, you can print to paper or copy your files to clipboard. The program allows you to create complete login details. Other features include word list and dictionary support, storing options and patterns in templates, filtering out weak passwords and specific characters.

Password Generator Professional 2006 runs under Windows ME/2000/XP/NT/2003 and costs from $29.95 (USD). An evaluation copy of the program is available as a free download.

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