Kelvir worm threat level set to high

By | April 18, 2005

Akonix Systems Inc., the largest provider of business solutions for secure and integrated enterprise instant messaging (IM), announced that its Security Center has raised the threat level of the virus to high-risk.

The reason for the unexpected jump in the threat-level was the multiple reports from enterprises whose networks have been compromised by the worm, the company said on Friday.

The Kelvir worm, is the latest in a series of variants that target MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger. Like other social engineering attacks, the worm ask the recipient to click on a URL which installs the worm on the computer.

Peter Shaw, CEO of Akonix Systems, said: “2005 has seen an unprecedented level of IM attacks on corporate networks and today we have compelling evidence that the Kelvir worm has had a very clear and severe impact on the productivity of some major corporations.”

“Virus and worm writers are specifically attacking IM networks as they are seen as a weak link in an organization´s electronic defenses. CIOs in every company must wake up to the fact that now is the time to shore up their IM defenses and at the same time benefit from making IM an essential business communications tool.”

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