Kayote Networks Releases VoIP Traffic Manager V1.2 with Multilevel Reseller Support and Advanced Alerts

By | June 19, 2006

Kayote Networks, Inc., experts in Voice over IP (VoIP) interconnectivity technology and developers of advanced IP communication services, today announced the release of version 1.2 of its award-winning product, the hosted VoIP Traffic Manager (VTM), at CommunicAsia. The new product will support multilevel reseller functionalities, allowing customized levels of security and access to information for each user and an advanced alert system for remote management of the VoIP Network.

Version 1.2 of the hosted VTM boasts multilevel reseller functionality support. This enables Kayote to deliver a customized interface and predefined level of reporting, management, and access to information for resellers, based on customer needs. An additional feature-set added to the VTM is an enhanced alert system that constantly monitors VoIP traffic, triggering alerts to users when predefined quality of service, volume, or billing thresholds are not met. The alerts are sent through various media, enabling users to take immediate corrective action, even when they are away from their computers.

“We are proud to release this product at CommunicAsia,” said Baruch Sterman, chief executive officer of Kayote Networks. “While we continue to provide solutions to carriers and Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) worldwide, research firms predict that total revenue from VoIP services in Asia will rise to over $10bn by 2009 and our new product introduces features particularly of interest to VoIP resellers, a growing market in Asia.”

VTM is Kayote’s hosted VoIP softswitch that enables carriers of all sizes to outsource their entire VoIP back-end at reduced hardware investment, thereby freeing up valuable resources. The call flow is monitored by highly trained Kayote NOC (network operation center) staff members who are available 24/7. VTM’s web-based interface allows users to monitor and control their traffic from any location and to manage VoIP billing and accounting seamlessly.

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