Kayote Networks Partners with TeleMessage to Provide Advanced Alert System and Remote Management of VoIP Network

By | May 30, 2006

Kayote Networks, Inc., experts in Voice over IP (VoIP) interconnectivity technology and developers of advanced IP communication services, today announced a partnership with TeleMessage (LSE: MES). TeleMessage’s advanced SMS and Text-to-Speech technology will allow Kayote’s VoIP Traffic Manager (VTM) to notify users instantly of any event that causes a decrease in call traffic quality.

“Feedback has shown us that customers want to receive call traffic quality alerts as quickly as possible, so they can take immediate action or update other team members,” said Baruch Sterman, chief executive officer of Kayote Networks. “TeleMessage´s cross-platform media messaging and management system allows our customers to quickly take corrective action, even when they are away from their computers.”

The TeleMessage system enables Kayote users to receive instant alerts through landline, mobile phone, fax, e‑mail, SMS, Instant Messenger or pager and respond to these alerts with voice or text commands that VTM acts upon immediately. The new feature will also provide an additional channel for users to contact the Kayote 24/7 NOC (Network Operations Center) for support.

“Our partnership with Kayote,” said Guy Levit, executive director and chief executive officer of TeleMessage, “is yet another example of how our sophisticated platform can be integrated into existing systems, leveraging our technology to improve information flow and enabling executives and IT managers to make decisions in real-time, from any location, using virtually any platform.”

VTM is Kayote’s hosted VoIP softswitch that enables carriers of all sizes to outsource their entire VoIP back-end at reduced hardware investment, freeing up valuable resources. VTM constantly monitors VoIP traffic, triggering alerts to users when predefined quality of service, volume, or billing thresholds are not met. The system automatically switches to failover routes predefined by each user in line with specific business needs.

TeleMessage´s alert system expands the VTM alerts feature-set by adding multiple language support, text-to-speech conversion, SMS with unlimited length and direct-reply to SMS. It broadcasts alerts to different media platforms and multiple users. If a first-response user does not take action within a specified amount of time, another message is sent to a second contact number, as well as to an additional user. VTM can now also send users file attachments to facilitate an educated analysis of a problem.

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