Kaspersky Lab Sees Double Digit OEM Expansion for its Precision Malware Protection Technology

By | February 13, 2006

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, today announced a banner year for OEM technology licensing during its first year of North American operations with the addition of over twenty new partners. Since its formal U.S. launch in February 2005, Kaspersky Lab has attracted an array of leading providers such as FrontBridge Technologies, a subsidiary of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) , Juniper (Nasdaq: JNPR), Bluecoat (Nasdaq: BCSI) and Clearswift to join its growing roster of OEM security partners that already includes respected solutions from Borderware, TumbleWeed (Nasdaq: TMW), MailFrontier , CommuniGate Systems and others. Each partner is benefiting from what is quickly becoming an industry standard for precision malware protection, enhancing their current security offerings with the resources of one of the world´s foremost antivirus detection and response labs.

“Our customers are counting on us to ensure their e-mail is free from spam, viruses and phishing attacks,” said James Hamilton, general manager of FrontBridge Technologies at Microsoft. “By working with leading security software providers such as Kaspersky Lab, we are able to deliver a unique blend of preventive and protective measures to stop email-borne threats from infiltrating businesses and damaging productivity.”

Kaspersky Lab has a strong pedigree as a leading OEM security solution, and has licensed its antivirus and malware protection technologies to a variety of IT vendors over the past decade. Currently +80 leading IT, networking, security and messaging vendors are using Kaspersky technology to provide best-of-breed, most imminent malware protection for their users. These include leading secure messaging vendors such as BorderWare, Clearswift, Finjan, MailFrontier, Frontbridge, CommuniGate Systems and Tumbleweed; leading network security vendors such as Blue Coat, DeepNines, Juniper, Lucid Security and Zyxel; and key hardware vendors for accelerated security applications such as SafeNet, Sensory Networks and Tarari.

“The Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine not only provides superior antivirus defense but also industry-leading anti-spyware protection. Additionally, it allows us to deliver the same types of features and functionality in an antivirus solution that our customers have come to expect from our anti-spam and content filtering technologies,” said Alyn Hockey, Technical Director of Clearswift.

Kaspersky Lab Business Development Director Vitaly Bezrodnykh states, “As evidenced by our recent success, leading networking, messaging, security and other IT vendors continue to value our long experience and track record in integrating Kaspersky´s industry leading anti-malware technology into their products, the record-breaking signature response service from our lab and the level of our support when considering their customers security needs. We believe our increased visibility and North American presence will continue to drive growth for our OEM partnerships with other leading security and IT vendors.”

“The Kaspersky technology continually wins top awards for the speed and accuracy of the engine, and CommuniGate Systems has partnered with Kaspersky Lab to ensure customers have the best of breed choices for their content filter requirements,” Jon Doyle, vice president of business development for CommuniGate Systems.

Kaspersky Lab provides OEM partners with award-winning antivirus and anti-spyware offerings, supporting a wide array of platforms, including Windows, Linux, xBSD, Solaris, Novell, Lotus, Windows CE/Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and Palm OS, as well as anti-spam and firewall solutions. Partners enjoy a variety of benefits and options, including bundling with existing solutions, co-branding and re-branding, and technology licensing, along with the possibility of customizable solutions.

For more information on Kaspersky´s OEM program, please contact Peter Laakkonen at (408) 733-1516 or [email protected], or visit the website at http://www.kaspersky.com/oem.

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