Kaspersky joins IMPACT, an anti-cyber-terrorism coalition

By | May 23, 2006

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that it has joined IMPACT, an international organization against cyber-terrorism. IMPACT´s establishment was announced on May 5, 2006 as the world´s first international partnership dedicated to combating terrorist activities in the area of information and communication technologies.

The IMPACT initiative was formally announced by the Honourable Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi at the closing of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2006) in Austin, Texas, USA.

IMPACT, or the ´International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Terrorism´, is an international, multilateral, public-private sector collaborative partnership dedicated in searching for and implementing the most effective methods for combating cyber-terrorism. Kaspersky Lab has become one of the key partners of IMPACT in this formative stage of the institution.

Eugene Kaspersky, co-owner of Kaspersky Lab and the its Head of Research and Development, has accepted the invitation to be a member of the inaugural International Advisory Board of IMPACT – which reflects appreciation of the company´s expertise in the area of combating terrorist activities in the IT industry.

IMPACT will focus on three main areas of activity that is training, security certification, and research and development. IMPACT will also provide a global emergency response centre to help governments facing an imminent cyber threat or those already in an emergency situation.

Kaspersky Lab will forge a stronger corporate relationship with GITN Sdn. Berhad., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia, to implement these said activities for the Government of Malaysia especially and for the thriving private sectors in Malaysia.

“Malaysia´s unique initiative is aimed primarily at consolidating the efforts of the world´s governments and the IT community in combating the emerging threat of cyber-terrorism. Like all forms of terrorism, cyber-terrorism does not recognize borders or laws, whereas the international economy´s dependence on electronic communication means that the threat of cyber-terrorism is real. With 17 years´ experience in combating malicious programs and activities, and being a recognized technological leader in the antivirus industry, Kaspersky Lab is prepared to take an active part in the work of IMPACT in order to make a meaningful contribution to protecting the world community against this new global threat,” said Eugene Kaspersky.

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