Justifying Security Training

By | December 14, 2006

I am probably preaching to the converted with respect to the distinguished visitors at this venue. Notwithstanding, please humor me for a few minutes and carefully read and consider the assertions below in the hope that it may give you some ideas to help loosen the purse strings of those in your organization who make training budget decisions.

Unlike “commodity” training such as commonly available Cisco and Microsoft certification courses, IT security training investments require a higher degree of due diligence on the part of the student and on the part of management personnel responsible for Information Assurance within their organization.

Unfortunately the managers of many organizations have yet to grasp the severity of risks posed by the vulnerabilities invariably present within their network because many are yet to be identified. As such, they are often reluctant to invest in the security training those on the frontline are desperately seeking. This is akin to a bank being slow in deciding if it should have an armed guard in the foyer just because it has not had a hold-up since it opened in 1919, notwithstanding the crime indicators for the area escalating.Read Full Story

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