Italy-based Integra Spa is Newest Member of Protegrity’s Alliance Network

By | September 27, 2006

Protegrity® Corporation, the leader in Data Security Management(TM) solutions, announced it has further expanded the Protegrity Alliance Network with the signing of a reseller agreement with Integra SpA, a leading security company. Based in Milan, Italy, Integra SpA will serve as a reseller of the Defiance(TM) Security Software Suite to customers in Italy. Integra SpA will also provide implementation services and first-level technical support for Protegrity solutions.

“Our agreement with Protegrity provides us access to the only data and application security suite on the market designed to protect enterprise data from acquisition to deletion,” said Franco Rasello. “We are seeing a growing demand among Italian companies for a centrally managed security solution that can be deployed enterprise-wide, while giving them the confidence that their sensitive data is protected throughout its lifecycle.”

Companies use Defiance Security Software Suite to protect data at the application, database, file, and storage levels. With Defiance companies can address immediate security needs and comply with global banking and legal regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, the European Union Directive on Data Protection, Basel II, the Bank Secrecy Act and PCI.

“Integra SpA brings proven expertise in auditing and database security to its customers; it recognizes that data security is a crucial component to any business operation,” noted Gordon Rapkin, president and CEO of Protegrity. “With Protegrity´s Defiance Security Software Suite, Integra´s banking, utility/transportation, and enterprise clients gain the enterprise-wide control of data they require to meet industry and EU standards, and they have local access to Integra´s data security expertise and support in Italy.”

“Protegrity provides products with the best cost/benefit ratios available today; its portfolio allows Integra representative to address security needs in the major customer asset, i.e., company databases, where integrity, confidentiality and access control have to face operational constrains,” said Yann Bongiovanni, Integra Director of Security Technologies.

This agreement comes on the heels of the 2006 Global Information Security Survey which shows that data security breaches continue to vex the majority of business technology professionals around the globe, even though most do not acknowledge their own vulnerability to malicious attacks. In fact, 13% of respondents in Europe, 16% in China and 24% in India say their organizations are more vulnerable to security dangers than a year ago.

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