IT Professionals Drive Toward E-Mail Authentication

By | May 13, 2005

IT Professionals, Business leaders and other executives will gather together to learn how e-mail authentication techniques, implemented by the online industry, are helping protect business and consumers from phishing attacks and e-mail fraud.

On July 12 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, E-mail Authentication Implementation Summit 2005 will highlight IP-based verification techniques and signature-based approaches.

The summit will focus on newly developed techniques such as Yahoo’s DomainKeys, Cisco’s Identified Internet Mail, Sender ID Framework and other. The summit will provide businesses recommendation how to implement e-mail authentication techniques by using real-world cases of deployment.

“Solving the problem of spam starts with being sure you know who´s sending the mail,” Esther Dyson, editor of Release 1.0 at CNET Networks Inc., said. “One big obstacle to this desirable state of affairs is the corporate world´s lack of knowledge about sender authentication.”

“Summits such as this one are vital to help get business leaders and IT professionals up to speed on how to implement these techniques and benefit from the significant advances the IT industry is making to help protect e-mail users, “Dyson concluded.

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