it observer – bakbone extends netvault with enhanced disaster recovery solutions for linux and solaris spar

By | November 30, 2004

SAN DIEGO–Nov. 30, 2004– VaultDR Plugin Modules Improve Data Availability, Substantially Reduces Downtime

BakBone Software(TM) (TSX:BKB)(OTCBB:BKBOF), a global provider of data protection software, today introduced VaultDR Plugin Modules (PMs), a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for Linux and Solaris SPARC.

Whether it is customer account information, financial records, operations data, or email, the life blood of any business is corporate data. This growing reliance on corporate data underscores the need for systems to be 100 percent reliable, constantly accessible, and always up-to-date. VaultDR PMs substantially reduce downtime in a disaster recovery scenario by allowing full system recovery, including the operating system, applications, system settings, disk partitioning information, and data, in hours as opposed to days. By implementing VaultDR PMs, customers can address their high availability needs by protecting their entire system from corruption, user errors, virus hits, and hardware failures.

“The delivery of VaultDR for Linux and Solaris SPARC is another great stride for BakBone, extending BakBone´s disaster recovery offering with added platform and OS support,” said Jet Martin, director of product management, BakBone. “Without an adequate disaster-recovery solution in place, lost data and prolonged downtime could result in lost revenue, productivity, and brand equity which can take customers years to build and only hours to destroy. With VaultDR, customers can fine tune their `up-time´ strategy, recovering from critical system failures and getting their businesses back up and running far more quickly and with fewer steps than ever before.”

VaultDR PMs provide broad platform support, including Solaris SPARC, Intel X86, and Opteron, as well as multiple operating systems, including UNIX, Windows, and Linux. Both VaultDR solutions ensure that all critical system files, user data, and applications required to fully recover the system are in a “ready state” for complete backup. The VaultDR Online for Linux makes it possible for administrators to perform an “online backup,” backing up a full Linux system while it remains online and active.

Since VaultDR is seamlessly integrated with NetVault data protection software, VaultDR Online for Linux and VaultDR Offline for Solaris SPARC are significantly easier to use than standalone disaster recovery applications currently available. VaultDR PMs provide administrators with a familiar interface common to all NetVault solutions. This enables administrators to get their systems back online quickly and easily, helping to reduce system downtime and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Pricing and availability

VaultDR Online for Linux (Web download and CD) and VaultDR Offline for Solaris SPARC Plugin Modules are available now, priced at $595 and $995, respectively. For more information on the BakBone reseller partner nearest you or to purchase VaultDR Plugin Modules, please visit BakBone´s web site at

About BakBone Software, Inc.

BakBone Software is a leading international data protection solution provider that develops and distributes data backup, restore, and disaster recovery software for network storage and open-systems environments. BakBone delivers scalable solutions that address the complex demands of large enterprise environments, as well as small- to medium-size businesses. Founded in 2000, BakBone products are used by Fortune 1000 corporations and domestic and international government entities. Distributed through a select global network of OEM partners, resellers, and solution providers, interested companies can learn more information about BakBone´s products and services at or email [email protected]

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