IT community split on hacker’s extradition

By | December 7, 2006

Hacker Gary McKinnon SHOULD stand trial in the US for hacking into the country’s military networks, according to just under half the IT professionals polled for an online survey. This follows the Home Secretary John Reid’s decision to sign off self-confessed hacker McKinnon’s extradition earlier this week and comes as a leading UK hacker who faced similar charges in 1997 slammed the US military’s sleepy computer security.

If McKinnon – who is one of 27 people due to extradited – loses his appeal, his lawyers say he could end up in Guantanamo Bay. But that hasn’t earned McKinnon – who hacked into US military computers over a two-year period before his 2002 arrest – as many sympathy points as one might expect from the IT community.

Leading anti-virus software firm Sophos polled more than 500 members. Only 52% of those who responded were in favour of the 40-year-old’s prosecution taking place in the UK, while the remaining 48% backed Reid’s decision.Read Full Story

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