ISS in Leaders Quadrant for Personal Firewalls in Gartner Magic Quadrant report

By | December 24, 2006

Internet Security Systems (ISS) (NASDAQ: ISSX), the worldwide leader in pre-emptive, enterprise security, today announced that technology research firm, Gartner, Inc., has listed Proventia® Desktop Endpoint Security in the leaders quadrant in its Personal Firewall Magic Quadrant* for the first quarter of 2006. According to the Magic Quadrant report, personal firewalls will be an integral part of client computing by 2010.

“We believe our positioning in Gartner’s Personal Firewall Magic Quadrant demonstrates the industry’s confidence in the market-differentiating pre-emptive approach that ISS takes to protect organisations from zero day threats and undefined viruses,” said Greg Adams, vice president of product management at Internet Security Systems. “By trapping malicious behaviour rather than relying on rules or signatures, Proventia Desktop protects customers from spyware and more than 97 per cent of new and unknown viruses and worms without blocking healthy traffic.”

Proventia Desktop, with its patent-pending ISS Virus Prevention System, automatically protects desktops and mobile devices against known and unknown threats by utilising multi-layered security technologies. It includes a personal firewall that blocks unauthorised access not required for legitimate business needs. Proventia Desktop offers pre-emptive protection that works ahead of Internet threats to block attacks before they cause outages, employee downtime, excessive calls to the help desk or the compromise of critical information.

The ISS Proventia product line is a multi-layered security solution that provides comprehensive protection from network- and host-based attacks before they impact business assets, which is complemented by ISS Managed Security Services and Professional Security Services.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a graphical portrayal of vendor performance in a market segment, including categories for leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players. It is organised based on companies’ ability to execute in a space, as well as their completeness of vision in the market.

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