Israeli Ministry of Defense Takes Proactive Measures to Secure Endpoints from Information Leakage and Malware

By | December 12, 2006

ControlGuard, a leading provider of endpoint security, today announced that the Israeli Ministry of Defense has implemented its Endpoint Access Manager solution to proactively enforce its information security policies. ControlGuard’s technology prevents information leakage and introduction of malware through its endpoints.

“We were very selective in finding a system that would provide the Ministry of Defense with the highest level of protection. We needed a solution that would centrally control several networks and report any event that deviates from our defined information security policies,” said Moshe Zeira, CIO of The Israeli Ministry of Defense. “ControlGuard’s Endpoint Access Manager met all our requirements. We implemented the product and today it is managing endpoints across the organization.”

The Ministry of Defense is using ControlGuard’s Endpoint Access Manager to centrally control, monitor and log endpoint access to removable media, portable devices and communications interfaces such as CDs, memory sticks, PDAs, Bluetooth and more. Hundreds of ControlGuard Endpoint Access Manager agents are deployed throughout the Ministry’s and related agencies networks. The proactive approach to this challenge has enabled The Ministry of Defense to enforce its policies and prevent any possible security issues with USB devices.

“The Israeli Ministry of Defense is clearly one of the most security sensitive organizations in the world,” said Israel Levy, ControlGuard´s chief executive officer. “The fact that we passed the Ministry of Defense’s meticulous evaluation and were selected as the vendor of choice, is a source of great pride. And given the growing awareness in the US regarding data leakage and malware protection, The Ministry of Defense offers the ultimate example of how to solve this problem in a most extreme environment.”

The Ministry of Defense joins ControlGuard’s growing list of high profile enterprise customers in the US and around the world, including ABN AMRO, the First International Bank of Israel, Duane Morris, ELAL Airlines, and more.

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