ISPs Failing to Quickly Tackle Bot Menace

By | June 21, 2006

A rise in Trojan infections is resulting in a parallel explosion in spam spewing, Phish website hosting zombie boxes. Cybercriminals are now making more off of Internet fraud than via the drug trade, according to law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, as our readers have been discovering, a number of ISPs are failing to properly identify and eliminate infected PCs on their networks, even after being clearly notified of their existence.

We wanted to know why.

This Paypal phishing scam, tracked by our users, was in operation for close to a month on BellSouth´s network. Our resident scambusters alerted the telco´s abuse department of its existence a little more than three weeks ago.

We asked BellSouth why these scams – which can potentially lure hundreds or thousands of victims during an ISPs period of inaction – aren´t taken down more quickly. BellSouth Media Relations officer Nadine Randall simply assured us BellSouth´s abuse department was “keenly focused on customer satisfaction.”Read Full Story

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