ISP’s become the Casualty in the War Against Internet Based Threats

By | June 20, 2006

StreamShield Networks, the leader in real-time internet content security, has introduced a new tool which enables ISP’s to understand the real cost of botnets and zombie infections to their individual businesses. Currently, such threats are estimated to cost ISPs half a billion dollars every year in excess traffic and customer churn costs alone, globally.

Known as ZombieCalc, the new tool – which can be found at – was launched to leading ISPs at the London Internet Exchange (LINX) event in May and has since been very well received.

“Botnets and zombie infected PCs are a serious industry-wide issue” said Geoff Bennett, Director of Product Marketing at StreamShield Networks. “Ironically, even though innocent broadband and cable users are the ones that get infected with zombies, it’s the ISPs that end up carrying the cost. StreamShield studies show that botnets are costing ISPs millions every year in wasted off-net bandwidth, customer churn, network operations and helpdesk time. Whilst ISPs fire-fight the problem they are missing the opportunity to proactively rid this operational cost from their networks and also boost revenues by offering users protection services that will prevent future zombie infections.”

In 2005 the Federal Trade Commission estimated that up to 150,000 PCs were being hijacked daily to be used in criminally motivated denial of service, spamming and phishing attacks. The problem has continued to grow with botnets of up to 100,000 infected machines now being openly advertised for hire on internet newsgroups. Gartner also estimate that up to 70% of all spam is generated by zombie infected machines.

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