Isac Mail Trustee

By | May 24, 2006

Isac has announced the release of Mail Trustee, a software shield that protects your mail client and your mail box from unsolicited mail. Mail Trustee provides you with the most advanced spam blocking technologies for mail protection. The program acts as an intermediary between your mail client and mail server. Mail Trustee supports up to 255 mail boxes and each of them can have a specified configuration for spam filters.

Taking into account the amount of mail filtering methods, which are embodied in the program, Mail Trustee is at the top in its category. It is difficult to compete with a rival, which demonstrates this level of flexibility in mail processing: a list of forbidden and allowed e-mails; a list of forbidden and allowed zones; a list of forbidden and allowed domains; a list of forbidden and allowed words for the field “Subject”; a list of forbidden and allowed words for Header; a list of forbidden and allowed words for Message; filtering by the field “To”; filtering by the field “From”; filtering by the field “Received”; DNSBL lists checking and filtering by the size of a received letter.

Mail Trustee can create a specified set of rules for each mail box you use. A list of these rules can include the following items: receiving mail from your mail client and sending it to your mail server and vice versa; establishing and breaking connection with the Internet; scanning the incoming mail right on your mail server and so on. Mail Trustee is a powerful spam blocking tool, which is easy to work with both for a newbie and an experienced user. Simplicity and clearness of the interface will facilitate the work of users. A set of conveniently arranged tabs – this is how Mail Trustee appears before your eyes: Mailboxes, Filters, Lists, E-mail, Domains, Zones and Expressions. One more value of the program is that its installation package occupies very little space – just about 600 Kb, which really simplifies updating.

Mail Trustee runs under Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP and costs $28 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to lifetime technical support.

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