iPSAN solutions announced by LapiStor

By | May 2, 2006

Designed to help companies create a dedicated storage network, using the existing Ethernet infrastructure (iPSAN), LapiStor, has expanded the.DiscPac Proline 7000 RAID series to include an iSCSI connect RAID server appliance.

Explaining the benefits, Tony Howard, managing director, said “Storage Area Networks or SANs offer highly scalable, efficiently accessible storage, data management and added protection. Now iPSANs are a reality, they are winning over Fibre Channel based SAN, because of the low cost of hardware and low operational costs.”

LapiStor´s new solution includes SAN management software, which enables volume sizing, auto-growth and manual SNAPSHOT. Optional extra software provides local auto SNAPSHOT, remote auto SNAPSHOT, clustering and replication.

An intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to configure and manage the iPSAN system.

Using iSCSI connect the RAID´s can be clustered to build a storage Grid. Up to 60TB´s of RAID storage can be configured to form an iPSAN.

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