IP-over-DNS How To

By | December 17, 2006

You´re sitting in an airport or in a cafe, and people want your money for Internet access. They do allow DNS traffic, though. Enters NSTX. NSTX is a hack to tunnel IP traffic over DNS. NSTX (IP-over-DNS) seems cool, but you cannot get it to work.

You´ve downloaded the latest version, maybe because you saw it mentioned on Slashdot. You´ve looked at the nstx project page and the freshmeat page. You even tried reading some confusing documentation. Maybe you gave up and tried OzymanDNS. But curiousity got the better of you. You really want to use this.

Once you´ve followed these instructions, you basically have a remote proxy, providing you with access to the Internet. Communication between you and the remote proxy is over NSTX.

If DNS traffic does not work, but ICMP traffic (i.e., ping) works, try ICMPTX: IP-over-ICMP. Note that these instructions play nicely with ICMPTX. You can run both on one proxy.Read Full Story

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