Interpeak Protection Profile

By | February 10, 2006

Interpeak has announced its plan to write a protection profile for its secure and trusted protocol stacks. The Secure and Trusted Stack Protection Profile specifies the security and functional assurance requirements for a class of IPv6 networking. A stack evaluated against this Protection Profile serves as a trusted foundation in security critical and complex applications.

In order to work in tandem with embedded designs based on Multiple Independent Layers of Security/Safety (MILS) architecture, an IPv6 stack must meet the rigorous Information Assurance (IA) requirements of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

A MILS-based architecture design is used for creating secure systems, predominantly in the military and aerospace markets, in which data is compartmentalized. The design relies on a separation kernel, which ensures the control of information flow, and establishes and maintains trusted delivery, trusted recovery and audit capabilities.

“Interpeak is honored to join the roster of members of The Open Group,” commented Johan Fornaeus, Interpeak´s CEO. “The consortium provides an unbiased perspective and offers a litmus test for proposed security and networking standards. We look forward to leveraging the group´s collective experience and knowledge as we work towards our protection profile.”

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