Internet Security Systems Unveils New Products to Complete Transition to High Performance Security for Networks

By | May 11, 2006

Internet Security Systems (ISS) (NASDAQ: ISSX), the worldwide leader in pre-emptive enterprise security, today announced that it has completed its first step in delivering security across an integrated platform, by delivering solutions and services that address the need for high performance security across networks. This is all part of the company’s strategy for Protection On-Demand.

“Internet Security Systems has taken the stance to move away from the isolated point products that are so prevalent in today’s security landscape,” said Jaap Smit, Senior Vice President EMEA for Internet Security Systems. “Organisations are beginning to recognise the value of making security an integral part of their network fabric. And as cyber threats are becoming much more complex and destructive than before, the time has come for an integrated security platform that addresses the need for high performance security within the network. This time is now.”

Earlier this year, ISS confirmed its innovation in four key technology areas which included Network Anomaly Detection, Vulnerability Management and Protection, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Security Management. Now the company is demonstrating further innovation by introducing: Switch-Enabled Intrusion Prevention, Virtual Security Operations Centre, “Powered By ISS” Programme.

Switch-Enabled Intrusion Prevention with Extreme Networks

ISS has developed a working prototype for switch-enabled intrusion prevention system (SWIPS) technology. By teaming with global network infrastructure provider Extreme Networks, Inc., the company has demonstrated the possibility and value of implementing intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology at the network switch level.

Bringing IPS to the core of the network provides another layer of protection for traffic flowing through a corporate network, without requiring any changes to the network’s overall configuration. This highly scalable method of delivering IPS functionality provides large organisations cost-effective security capable of protecting a broad range of network assets, with little to no impact on the speed of network traffic. Successful collaboration between ISS and Extreme Networks will result in intrusion prevention that can scale at core speeds up to 100 Gigabits.

SWIPS will serve as a key component of ISS’ Proventia® protection platform. By offering comprehensive, integrated protection for networks, desktops and servers, ISS empowers companies to focus more heavily on day-to-day business objectives instead of worrying about security.

Virtual-SOC for Managed Security Services

Also unveiled is the Virtual Security Operations Centre (Virtual-SOC) for Managed Security Services. Virtual-SOC is an online platform for monitoring and controlling security operations across both ISS and third-party security and networking devices. Moving forward, ISS will deliver all of its Managed Security Services through the Virtual-SOC, resulting in tight integration between the services and added value for customers.

In response to growing business challenges and regulatory requirements, ISS is also introducing two new services to its Virtual-SOC platform, Security Event and Log Management. The launch of Virtual-SOC and the Security Event and Log Management Services represents a fundamental step in ISS’ “Protection On-Demand” strategy.

Through Virtual-SOC, customers will no longer have to choose between outsourcing security management or managing security devices in-house. Instead, Virtual-SOC allows companies to have a centralised view of both on-premise and remotely managed network and security devices through a single interface. This translates into reduced costs, more effective and efficient network and security management and a truly comprehensive view of security posture.

Internet Security Systems’ Virtual-SOC will also enable customers to take advantage of “Protection On-Demand” services to implement security wherever, whenever and however they need it. For instance, a company can monitor its own security devices during business hours each day and transition monitoring duties to ISS during the evening and weekends. “Protection On-Demand” also allows customers to rapidly implement additional protection in response to emerging threats. The ease with which companies can obtain and manage such a wide variety of security capabilities through the Virtual-SOC makes implementing high-end security feasible for a much broader range of organisations.

ISS’ Virtual-SOC with integrated Security Event and Log Management Services will be available in August 2006.

Empowering Service and Technology Providers

ISS is also enabling a wide range of service and technology providers to protect customers with best-of-breed security from ISS. Through a new programme called “Powered By ISS,” qualified organisations are given the full range of ISS tools, processes, intelligence and support needed to protect customers from Internet intrusions. Telecommunications provider, Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions, is the first new partner to sign on with ISS via the “Powered By ISS” programme.

While ISS soon plans to formalise the programme for OEM companies and technology providers, the initial phase of “Powered By ISS” is designed to accommodate service providers. Service providers can take advantage of ISS’ market-leading Managed Security Services portfolio through the programme, including ISS’ two new services, Security Event and Log Management.

The programme offers tailored security services packaged in a manner that makes it simple for customers to benefit. The packaged offerings include Secure VoIP, Secure Access and Secure Hosting. These packages are specifically designed to help providers of VoIP, Internet access and Web hosting protect customers from Internet intrusions via these specific technology services, blocking attacks before they ever reach end-user organizations. Additionally, “Powered By ISS” programme participants benefit from the unique security intelligence of ISS’ X-Force® research and development team.

Existing ISS partners that have signed on to the “Powered By ISS” program include Web hosting provider, NTT Communications, and air transport communications specialist, SITA. NTT Communications will leverage the program to add key security services and technologies to its Web hosting portfolio. Similarly, SITA, the world’s leading provider of IT business solutions and communications services to the air transport industry, has joined the “Powered By ISS” programme to raise security levels for airlines, aerospace, air freight and travel distribution companies.

Moving forward, ISS will continue to form and announce relationships that manifest the benefits and success of the “Powered By ISS” program.

For further details on “Powered By ISS,” ISS’ switch-enabled intrusion prevention system and Virtual-SOC, please go to:

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Internet Security Systems Unveils New Products Tailored to Simplify and Enhance Protection of Network Assets

By | February 14, 2006

Internet Security Systems (ISS) (NASDAQ: ISSX), the worldwide leader in pre-emptive, enterprise security, today announced that the company is expanding its integrated security platform with four new products specifically tailored to simplify the lives of network administrators and improve the integrity, visibility and protection of network assets. It is the company’s belief that network security must be delivered across an integrated platform versus through the isolated point products that are so prevalent in today´s security landscape. By integrating the knowledge, intelligence and capabilities of network security components, ISS believes enterprises will achieve the full benefits of pre-emptive, “ahead of the threat” protection.
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