International Services Provider MSO New York Selects NFR Security’s Comprehensive Intrusion Prevention System

By | May 22, 2006

NFR Security, Inc., the leader in Real-Time Threat Protection(TM), today announced that MSO New York, an international services, consulting and integration company has selected the Sentivist(TM) Real-Time Threat Protection solution to secure its enterprise network. MSO New York selected NFR Security´s Sentivist for its scalability, flexibility, ease-of-use and reliability, after participating in a competitive bidding process and looking at other vendor products, as well as outsourced solutions.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted an IPS solution that was intelligent and proactive, and ultimately we found NFR Security´s Sentivist solution to be alone in the market with a true hybrid ´behavior/rules´ based approach to detection and prevention,” said Brian Locke, manager of network security and planning for MSO New York. “We are also being preemptive in positioning toward supporting our customers´ compliance needs. It´s a competitive advantage for us to support their compliance needs now, before they are required.”

NFR Security products meet industry-specific mandates for network intrusion prevention and detection including Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) mandates, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the California Security Breach Information Act, SB 1386.

A Complex Client Network

MSO New York is involved in hosting data and disaster recovery sites, primary for the financial services industry. The company has 10 main offices of operation and three primary data centers, with replication of data between them, multiple Internet providers, and multiple access points. The unique security challenge for MSO New York has always been to provide protection against existing and future unknown threats, without dropping legitimate traffic. The company needed a powerful IPS solution to meet the complex demands of their dynamic environment.

“Because we are a global provider of hosted web services, we have a very complex environment. We needed a world-class security solution to rely on. The intelligence that Sentivist and NFR Security´s N-Code offers is, in my opinion, the only player in the market that I have seen that can intelligently accomplish everything we want,” said Locke. “Other IPS vendors claim to have similar capabilities, but are doing it through either a behavioral base that requires a lot of maintenance or a signature base which requires updating. We also find their devices are also a challenge to manage as you scale out to, say, five or six data centers. You don´t have any of these problems with NFR Security.”

Sentivist – The Winning Solution

NFR Security´s Sentivist is a comprehensive intrusion prevention system that fuses powerful security technologies together to deliver security that is Aware, Adaptive and Actionable: Sentivist is Aware of the network environment, it dynamically Adapts to changes in the network environment and will take Action to protect those changes from being exploited. While standard IPS products are static in nature, the Sentivist Dynamic Shielding Architecture (DSA) automatically recognizes stealth attack threat points that exist on the network – such as unsanctioned network changes, and critical vulnerabilities – and dynamically protects those threat points from inevitable attacks. Sentivist also adds an additional layer of security by delivering a full function, standalone Firewall for the Security Managers use. This gives Security Managers the flexibility to implement another layer of security, along with IDS, IPS, the DSA and others like VoIP, IM and IPv6 protection – all within a single Sentivist Smart Sensor appliance that is managed by a single user interface – the Sentivist Protection Center. Sentivist takes network security usability to a new level. Making use of graphics, automation, wizard-driven facilities and more, Sentivist will help the overburdened network security staff save time by helping them be more efficient in managing network security.

“Having an international company such as MSO New York join NFR Security´s list of satisfied Sentivist customers helps us build on our established reputation as the leading Real Time Threat Protection company worldwide,” said Andre Yee, president of NFR Security. “NFR Security´s combination of product offering, pricing, and customer service are unmatched in the industry today.”

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