international calling charges set to plummet as uk firm launches rabbitpoint at 3gsm in barcelona

By | February 7, 2006

RabbitPoint Ltd of London, UK, today announced the intended launch – next week on the opening day of the telecommunications industry’s flagship exhibition 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona – of groundbreaking technology that will mark the beginning of an end of GSM mobile phone roaming charges.

The company has harnessed the power and capabilities across broadband, mobile, VoIP and WiFi technologies to produce a system that enables totally free calls to all customers using its network. And allows customers to access mobile phone technology without having to pay international roaming charges.

“People are upset by the cost of calls once they start roaming worldwide” said founder Sean Murray.

“RabbitPoint is a new system that harnesses high speed internet connections to its new breed of mobile phones at a zero cost. Anyone with a Rabbit Mobile phone may make free calls to any other person who is hooked up on the network. Not only that they can make and receive mobile WiFi calls without having to pay the outrageously high roaming charges levied by the traditional mobile operators.

Murray and his team believe that a phone that looks like an ordinary mobile will bring its service to the masses. RabbitPoint has the ability to supply its technology immediately to the end user via mail order CellPoint supply. CellPoints act as intelligent WiFi access points that allows Rabbit customers to make and receive calls and CellPoint owners to share in the revenue generated.

Once delivered to the relevant location, the CellPoint self configures via an internet connection and is available immediately to any Rabbit customers within its area for web access and mobile phone calls. Whilst this is a first in its own right, the CellPoint further networks together instantly with any other CellPoint it can find within its radius, therefore beginning blanket coverage of its network.

Stuart Hinkley, CEO of Rabbit, said:“The Rabbit CellPoint is a technology breakthrough in itself. We are already being approached not only in Europe but also around the globe by large blue chip Telco and broadband providers. Our technology makes it possible for these companies to begin to take head-on the domination and exclusivity of mobile operators for the first time.”

The company has already signed major strategic alliances including with UTStarcom, one of the largest manufacturer’s of personal mobile phones in China, with a view to being able supply a demand of 100,000 potential Rabbit customers per month with UTStarcom’s revolutionary F1000 handset.

“Rabbitpoint’s vision and solution is a tremendous breakthrough for users worldwide and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with them, as well as supplying the F1000,” said UTStarcom’s UK General Manager John McCall.

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