Intel VPro zeroes in on flaws

By | August 16, 2006

Security administrators who want to tackle the rising tide of zero-day vulnerabilities can look to Intel´s upcoming VPro business PC series–using virtual intrusion protection systems (IPS)–to help stem the problem, says the chipmaker.

In zero-day flaws, system vulnerabilities are attacked before a patch has been released. Increasingly, however, flaws are being exploited even before the vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed.

Noting that increasing volume and complexity of network traffic threaten enterprise network security, Bertrand Lim, marketing manager at Intel Asia-Pacific´s digital office platform division, told ZDNet Asia: “IT´s got to find a way of delivering services in a time of shrinking IT budgets.”

Traditionally, IT administrators use security software agents that run within the operating platform on client machines. However, Lim noted, this usually gives rise to sluggish system performance which causes many users to disable or remove background security and manageability agents, rendering these protective tools ineffective.Read Full Story

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