Intel Updates Centrino

By | January 20, 2005

Intel unveiled its new Centrino mobile processing platform this week. The new processor features a number of improvements designed to leverage the Centrino’s existing popularity in the mobile market.

The upgrades include a faster front-side bus (FSB) – coming in at 533MHz, up from 400MHz – broader support for Wi-Fi and upgrades to the core processing architecture. Intel spokeswoman Barbara Grimes told NewsFactor. “This brings laptops to the desktop performance level,” she said.

The new platform – code-named Sonoma – includes the latest Intel 915 Express Chipset and PCI Express support for improved graphics performance.

“We are offering a new software package that offers a significant leap forward in the way users can connect with and manage wireless network hotspots,” Grimes said. The integrated graphics advancements are aimed at drawing consumers to the Centrino family by improving the performance of gaming, video and audio applications.

Since being launched in 2003, the Centrino platform has been popular among PC vendors, quickly becoming one of Intel’s most powerful brands. Grimes says that the Centrino strategy of testing and delivering multiple components in a single platform has allowed Intel more flexibility in developing the processor line.

Centrino serves as the hub of Intel´s mobility group, one of five new divisions established by the company as it focuses on platforms rather than individual products.

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