Intel Unveils Auto-Worm Detector

By | August 26, 2005

Intel has demonstrated at Intel Developer Forum a new hardware solution design to deal with computers infected with computer worms. The solution support automatically to detect infected computers by monitoring the network activity and isolate them.

The system monitors the number of external connections being made and if a higher network activity is detected, the computer is disconnected to prevent the infection of further machines on the network.

“Worms and viruses propagate so quickly that if you are not able to respond in a matter of minutes, the situation is completely out of control,” said Justin Rattner, director of Intel corporate technology.

“It is looking at changes in traffic pattern behaviour. It doesn´t have anything to do with how the virus was coded,” Rattner added.

The technology is not a replace for security software, but rather an addition which suppose to decrease the damage.

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