Intego releases OS X Server protection solutions

By | November 30, 2006

Mac security software developer, Intego, has released VirusBarrier Server and VirusBarrier Mail Gateway, two new programs that provide total protection from all known Macintosh viruses on computers running Mac OS X Server.

These two programs allow network administrators to fully protect their Mac networks from viruses, protecting all files on a server, and providing full protection from viruses that transit through Mac OS X Server’s built-in e-mail server. Both applications are Universal binaries, fully compatible with both PowerPC and Intel processors, running native on Apple’s new Intel-based Macs.

VirusBarrier Server automatically scans every file that is copied to a Mac OS X Server computer where it is installed, as well as any files that are launched on the server. If viruses are found, infected files are quarantined, and logs can be sent to administrators alerting them of this activity. VirusBarrier Server can also be set to run scheduled scans of both local and network volumes.

VirusBarrier Mail Gateway offers full protection for all e-mail that is sent or received via Mac OS X Server’s built-in e-mail server. It automatically scans all e-mail messages that pass through the server, checking e-mails for infected attachments. If viruses are found, the e-mails are quarantined, and logs can be sent to administrators informing them of this activity.

Both programs are available now from Intego. Prices for VirusBarrier Server start at US$299.95 excluding tax. Prices for VirusBarrier Mail Gateway start at US$499.95 excluding tax. VirusBarrier Server requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher. VirusBarrier Mail Gateway requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

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