Intego provides Ontario Ministry of Education with security software for 90,000 Mac computers

By | September 12, 2006

Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, has provided the Ontario Ministry of Education and Ontario School Boards with a license for Internet security software for 90,000 Macintosh computers in Ontario’s schools. This license covers Intego VirusBarrier, NetBarrier and Remote Management Console, in both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 versions. This software will be installed on all Macintosh computers in publicly funded schools.

With students, teachers and administrators using the Internet regularly, School Boards required a high-performance security system that could protect against all types of malicious threats and viruses.

Intego was chosen through a public tender after examining offers from other Macintosh security software publishers, selecting Intego’s solutions for their comprehensive features, flexibility, ease-of-use, automatic updates and reliability. Intego software will be protecting laptop and desktop computers, and file servers, in elementary schools, secondary schools and offices, and this for at least three years.

The Ontario Ministry of Education and School Boards chose Intego for the following reasons:

Intego’s software has the broadest range of features;

Intego offers the most cost-effective solutions; All of Intego’s software is available in Universal applications, able to run natively on the newest Intel-based Macs; All of Intego’s programs are available in French as well as English; Mac OS 9 versions of these programs are still available and supported, for the computers still running this version of Mac OS; These programs can be administered remotely from a Mac using Intego Remote Management Console.

“Educational institutions, with their large numbers of users and broad range of Internet usage, are especially vulnerable to hackers, vandals, viruses and spyware. We are delighted to be able to provide protection from these threats to the education system in Ontario” said Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego. “Our products meet the needs of Ontario’s schools, and we are pleased to work with them to ensure the protection of students and employees from the dangers of the Internet.”

With this major deal, Intego has again proven its ability to respond to all types of needs, from individual users to large educational organizations, including companies of all sizes from small businesses to multinational corporations. Intego, through contracts such as this, reaffirms its position as the leading supplier of Internet security software for Macintosh. Intego is also especially proud to help Ontario continue providing top-quality education to its citizens.

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