Intego ContentBarrier X4

By | June 6, 2006

Intego has announced the release of ContentBarrier X4, the company’s acclaimed parental control software for Mac OS X. This program sets up a protective wall around a Mac, blocking adult web sites, sites with subjects not fit for children, and even blocks chats when predatory language is used.

ContentBarrier X4 works with multiple users; for families with several children, parents can set different profiles, corresponding to their age or maturity. They can choose whether children have access to newsgroups, peer-to-peer software, e-mail, chats and the web.

They can set schedules, so children can only use the Internet at certain times, and on specific days, and even set time limits within those periods. In addition, ContentBarrier X4 blocks predatory language used in chat rooms, and can send parents e-mail, automatically, when certain events occur.

Like all of Intego’s X4 programs, ContentBarrier X4 is fully compatible with both PowerPC and Intel processors, running native on Apple’s new Intel-based Macs. ContentBarrier X4 also includes Intego widgets and Intego´s NetUpdate program. Intego widgets provide information on which programs are running and whether updates are available, and Intego’s NetUpdate program provides automatic updates to ContentBarrier X4 and its filters.

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