innopath unveils wireless industry’s first integrated, end-to-end mobile device management solutions

By | February 6, 2006

InnoPath Software, Inc., the industry leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, today unveiled its iMDM integrated mobile device management Solution Suites – modular, standards based solutions that manage the complete life cycle of mobile devices. InnoPath’s new iMDM Carrier and iMDM Device Suites dramatically simplify the process of deploying MDM today and adding new services in the future. Empowered with the InnoPath iMDM Solution Suites, mobile operators and device manufacturers can bring new handsets and services to market rapidly, accelerate data revenues, strengthen subscriber loyalty, and reduce overall support costs.

“As carriers bring to market more sophisticated mobile services, such as multimedia messaging, video streaming and multimedia gaming, they must make them easy to set up and use to improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty,” said Tony Cripps, Wireless Software Analyst, Ovum. “Mobile device management plays a key role in achieving these aims while lowering costs of managing those services.”

Mobile phones have become an integral part of both consumer and business users’ lifestyles, and they continue to evolve to leverage new data services including email, picture messaging, Internet access, interactive gaming, enterprise applications, and TV Viewing. With voice services becoming saturated, wireless operators need to drive new data services opportunities for continued revenue growth. The challenge is that mobile devices have become as complex as PCs, with every change increasing the potential for problems. Unless setup and delivery of new and existing applications and services is easy, reliable and hassle free for customers, new revenue growth is at risk.

“Carriers and handset manufacturers understand that the adoption of new services depends on fast, trouble-free deployments, and they are quickly realizing that integrated MDM solutions are required for the success of new services,” said John Fazio, President and CEO of InnoPath Software. “With widespread deployments at Tier 1 carriers worldwide, InnoPath is the market-proven solutions leader, and our new iMDM Solution Suites empower our customers to drive new revenue opportunities, lower operating costs and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

The iMDM Solution Suites support both CDMA and GSM networks, with integrated capabilities to remotely configure settings and new services, diagnose and fix problems, and update software and firmware over-the-air (FOTA) – all in real time. The iMDM Carrier and iMDM Device Suites are standards-based so they can operate independently, however working together, they create a unique end-to-end solution to meet the challenges that operators and handset manufacturers currently face. A common platform provides the foundation for rolling out current and future MDM solutions quickly and cost effectively, and ensures a smaller footprint and better utilization of scarce handset resources.

The iMDM Solution Suites include the following applications:

Firmware Manager: (formerly DeltaUpgrade Plus) commercially proven by wireless customers worldwide, Firmware Manager enables reliable, convenient, and secure over-the-air upgrades to firmware and software for devices already in subscriber’s hands.

Configuration Manager: eliminates the need for subscribers to manually configure their own devices by enabling the setting or provisioning of a handset configuration parameters over-the-air ensuring trouble-free activation of new devices and data services. Updates can be automatic or operator initiated to reflect network or service changes.

Diagnostics Manager: allows operators to gather information over the air from devices for remote diagnosis and repair of problems. Customer care agents can query handsets while speaking with customers to identify and resolve problems remotely and in real-time. Devices can also remotely execute self-diagnostic functions to identify and log hardware and software problems for analysis and action.

InnoPath will demonstrate its new iMDM Solution Suites at the 3GSM World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain from February 13-16, 2006, Booth D95, Hall 1. Additionally, Uday Nagendran, InnoPath vice president, will participate on the “Ensuring the Development of Strong Service Delivery Architecture” panel on Wednesday, February 15th at noon.

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