InfoSec Europe: Plug and Play devices threat on the rise

By | April 26, 2005

Utimaco, the leading European manufacturer of professional IT security solutions, addressed the threat posed by the increasing adoption of plug and play device during a seminar at InfoSec Europe 2005 exhibition.

Nowadays, the simplicity of connecting a device via USB or Bluetooth to a computer increase convenience and productivity, but also increases the possibility of security breaches.

Companies must take responsibility and evaluate any PnP (Plug and Play) solutions and provide enforceable policy before plugging them into the corporate computers.

“In today´s security conscious climate, it´s inconceivable that most organisations, in some cases fully aware to the threat posed by PnP devices, don´t have even a basic security policy in place to protect against their use,” said Helmut Dansachmueller, Utimaco’s head of product management.

“In so doing, companies open themselves up to the risk of malicious code being invisibly introduced into an otherwise well protected computer system or confidential data exported.”

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